SG300 Vlan


I have created Vlans on the sg300 (I know its not a full Cisco but budget etc) Switch is in L3 Routing mode.

I even followed the guide on this site too.

Vlan1 - Default
Vlan10 -
Netgear wifi router (gateway to internet)

I have a group of devices I want in Vlan10 (I setup DHCP on the and the devices acquired their IP from the VLAN).

I can ping devices from the switch no problem.
Devices cannot ping each other -> no reply
Devices cannot ping internet -> no reply

I have setup routes next hop

Do I need to create a route on my Netgear wifi router? is the netgear wifi router causing me the issues or have I configured the SG300 wrong. I am at work at the moment and cannot grab an output from the CLI but I can later.

Thanks in advance


Hi Darren,

There’s a couple of things you can try/check to figure this out.

  1. Do your hosts have the correct default gateway? This has to be the IP address of the SG300 for each VLAN.

  2. Can you ping the default gateway address of another VLAN from your host? If so, it proves that the host has the correct default gateway and that your SG300 does inter-VLAN routing.

  3. If you use Windows, disable the firewall for a moment. By default it blocks ICMP (ping) traffic.

  4. Your router will require static routes for the subnets of each VLAN. Right now it only knows about it’s local subnet ( and it has a default route towards the Internet. It doesn’t have any idea where is for example. You can add a static route for or something and point it to the SG300.

  5. See if you can ping from a host. That proves that the SG300 knows how to reach the router and that the router knows how to get back to the host.

  6. If everything is working at this moment except Internet traffic then you’ll have to check your NAT settings on the router. Some simple routers only do NAT for the subnet on their LAN interface.

Hope this helps!