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I am struggling to reply in interview about what kind of configuration changes I used to handle in my current job profile and last job profile.

Can any one help, how can we reply that effectively?


Hello Bhupesh

Well, first of all, I would suggest that you reply truthfully and tell them exactly what kinds of modifications to the configurations you were responsible for. However, there are some additional guidelines that you can use to be more effective in answering interview questions like these and in general.

What interviewers are trying to determine is not if you know the specific commands used to make changes, but how well you understand that whole procedure of network design and administration. If someone asks what config changes you’ve made, don’t just say, “I configured VLANs” for example, but go into the details of why this is done. For example, you can say “As the requirements of the company were changing, we had to reshuffle some of the employees in two departments. This meant that we had to redesign the way that VLANs were implemented until now. Because of these changes, VLANs had to span multiple switches and this meant increasing the bandwidth between the switches in question with etherchannel links.”

When you answer questions, incorporate all of the resulting features, employees and services that are affected by those changes, and make sure to let them know that you took part in the whole process. Configuration changes are not about the commands you enter, but about the understanding of the implications those changes have.

I hope this has been helpful!


Thank you so much Laz… That was really helpful

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Hi everyone. I am currently a NOC technician and am looking into getting a Network Engineer position. I was wondering if anyone has any recommended material to study as far as scenario questions for a network engineering interview. Thanks!

Hello Johnathan

First of all, I wish you success in your career goals and aspirations! Concerning interview questions, this section of the forum is dedicated to sharing these types of questions and experiences. So far, not many members have shared. However, you can also take a look at these posts, or do a search on the forum to see if anyone has posted anything elsewhere…

By using the site’s search capabilities, you may be able to find more information from other users as well.

I hope this has been helpful!


Thanks getting me in the right direction Lazaros!

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