Show interfaces, output packets, total output drops

I have a question about output drops on an interface.

We know that when the queue is full on a given interface this causes Total output drops to increment.

We also have ‘packets output’ as an attribute of ‘show interface’

I am to assume that ‘packets output’ or ‘output packets’ are the packets that made it through, whereas output drops, are the packets that didn’t make it because when they arrived at the interface there was simply no room in the queue so the interface had to drop the packet.

The reason i ask, i have been asked to calculate the percentage of dropped traffic over a period of time.


Hello Andrew

Yes you are correct, packets output is the number of packets that have successfully been transmitted, while the drops in the queues are packets that did not make it. So on other words, the dropped packets are not included in the output packets.

I hope this has been helpful!