Software Design


I am looking good or very good software design topology.
Free (open source) software : one or two name
no free software : one or two name

Thank you for your help.

Hello Ahmed

I’m not sure what you mean when you say software design topology. Do you mean network simulators like GNS3 or VIRL? Can you be more specific as to what you need? Thanks!


Hello Lazaros,
sorry i didn’t explain very well,
I looking something like for HLD (high level disign) and LLD (low level design) like visio, but i am not sure if we can found better.

Best regards,

Hi @ahmed.mohamed149 ,

I always used Visio because it gets the job done. You can find many stencils for it and it’s easy to export diagrams to other applications.

For quick diagrams, or google drawings are also nice (and free). I also like the looks for for 3D AWS diagrams.


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ok, thank you very much

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