Spanning tree network type

I have discover an issue that I need to change. I have 7 nexus and 4 Nexus 5 K connected
however these port-channels are configured for spanning-type network, I need to make these spanning tree type normal , do i just remove the spanning type network command. Also
will there be a STP recallcualtion as its a production environment with over 1000 VLANS running 5000 + applications.

Hello Michael

How you should apply this change depends on how it is configured in the first place. STP states can be configured globally as a default value where all interfaces are configured as such except for those that are configured explicitly. For example, if the spanning-tree port type network default command may be applied globally. This means that all interfaces will be in the network mode except for those that have been configured explicitly otherwise.

Take a look and see what global defaults you have configured. If there are no global defaults, then in order to change the STP extension features from “network” to “normal” you can either do this by issuing one of the following commands:

spanning-tree port type normal


no spanning-tree port type network

Because the “normal” state is the default (assuming no other global default is configured), even if you just remove the “network” state, it will revert to “normal”.

If you change the state, you will have STP reconverge so make sure that you apply it in a maintenance window. Even if it didn’t reconverge, it’s still a good idea to apply it out of hours just in case anything does go wrong.

You can find out more info about these configurations in the following Cisco documentation:

I hope this has been helpful!