Speed check on Cisco

Hi Gents,

I have always wondered if there is a good way to gather line performance (speed up/down) statistics on Cisco? I mostly maintain branch offices where there is an ISP router in front, so not able to gather DSL statistics directly from controller. I have scripted some checks with Python where I am transmitting files in both directions - but there must be a more elegant way I guess?
Someone any recommendations?

Thanks, Chris

Hello Christian

My suggestion would be to use a network monitoring system similar to LibreNMS. It works well with Cisco devices, and you can measure a multitude of real-time information about devices, including the traffic on particular interfaces.

If you want to measure peak performance, you can use iPerf as a speed test tool to generate traffic during off-peak hours (say around midnight?) and you can examine the resulting traffic on the LibreNMS system.

These are just some suggestions based on what I have implemented for several of the networks I support.

I hope this has been helpful!


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