Started working on CCIE Written, but i need advice!

Hello Rene, hello everyone,

I started my “CCIE journey” about 2 weeks ago, but I am completely lost when I see the variety of things we have to learn and master to pass the Written exam, as well as the number of study materials available on the internet.

Well, currently I have :
=> Routing TCP/IP Vol 1 (2005 Edition)
=> Routing TCP/IP Vol 2 (2016 Edition)
=> Network Lessons Premium account
=> INE CCIE Workbook

Here are my questions : Are Network Lessons + INE workbook (essentially Vol 1 “Advanced Technology Labs”, I’ll keep the other 3 volumes for the Lab preparation) + Stuffs on Evolving technologies enough to pass the written exam ?
I see that DMVPN, Multicast, QoS and MPLS are widely covered at Network Lessons, so I don’t know if I need to buy the books from Rene’s reading list or not since a lot of things have been added since the year 2015…
The only thing that seems to be not covered is IS-IS, but it is in Jeff Doyle’s books.
What do you think about it ?

Well, I hope you can answer :slight_smile:

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Rene ? Anyone ?
I need advice please :-/

Have you seen the thread about studying for CCIE where I go into great detail about the resources I used?

The CCIE Written exam is an exceedingly difficult test to pass. Each time it is revised, it gets harder and harder. In short, the resources you list are nowhere near sufficient to pass it (unless you have years and years of experience in the topics listed on the blueprint). Take a look at the link I gave above, and if you have any follow-up questions, ask away.

Hello Andrew,

Yes I have already seen the thread you linked.
The thing is it’s quite complicated to separate what I have to do / learn / revise to pass the Written only (I will pass the lab within the next 18 months, but no rush on it) ; that’s why I created a new thread.

Following the Written v5.1 blueprint, it seems that everything is covered within this combo : Both Jeff Doyle’s volumes + Network Lessons + INE (Workbook and Advanced Technologies Lessons [I can buy them]) + Free evolving technologies study guide (link right there :

Plus, I’ve already passed my CCNA and CCNP (still fresh since I got it 3 months ago :D), so I’m kinda surprise when I see the quantity of things that have to be learned to only pass the CCIE Written :’(.

Following my reasoning, do you still think that the resource list listed in my combo isn’t enough ?

Many thanks in advance for your response,

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If it tells you anything, I finished my CCNP R&S in December 2014. I dedicated all of my studying time to CCIE Written R&S between Feb 2015 until I passed it in July 2016. Even with all of that studying, I failed it on my first attempt (by one stinking question!). This is the only test I have failed in my life, and I wasn’t happy about it.

All of that is to say, you can’t underestimate the leap that is required to move from a CCNP to CCIE level. The Written exam, at least for version 5 (I passed on the last possible day before 5.1) was very poorly written: bad grammar, even spelling mistakes! When you combine the breadth of what can be asked in combination with the expected level of detail you should have is what makes this so hard.

As for INE, it is a great product–I actually won an All Access Pass subscription, and went through all the videos religiously. I also have done some of the workbooks. The workbooks are meant more for you to pass the lab. I view them as flushing out your tool belt so you know what options you have if you are presented with a certain situation with restricted solutions. This is very different than having to have all the theory mastered and memorized (since no outside resources are available on the Written).

You may have noticed in the previous link I gave you all of the linked articles I included. Those links were developed AFTER I failed it, so I could get into the level of depth necessary for what I consider obscure topics (like EIGRP Over The Top, for example).

So my answer, unfortunately, is no–I don’t think what you have listed is sufficient to pass it (at least it wouldn’t have been for me). Of course everyone is different, and some people are exceptionally good at taking standardized tests. You might be one of those people who are. Regardless, what you have listed would provide an excellent foundation. Worst case, studying the way you propose, and if you fail it, you have spent $400 to find out where to put your focus. Like I said, all those links at the bottom of the other post is the result of my $400 failure experience–and you get them for free :slight_smile:

Thank you for everything Andrew !
I initially planned to pass the Written exam on the end of December, but I might delay it a bit following your posts :’).
I’ll keep you in touch anyways !

Enjoy your day,