STP query

STP querie

From what i understand STP also works for the below scenario as well


In this case could you please explain how the BPDUs are exchanged ?

Initially the BPDUs are generated by all switches , So Sw3 also generates it and sends it to SW2 but how does Sw1 know of this BPDUs ?

How does Sw2 handle this BPDU

kindly please help

Hi Ashwin,

Once the root bridge has been elected, BPDUs are only relayed from the root bridge to the other switches in PVST.

Assuming SW1 is the root bridge…it will send BPDUs to SW2.

SW2 will then forward them towards SW3. No BPDUs from SW3 will be sent towards SW2 > SW1.

If you want to see this in action, try the debug spanning-tree bpdu command on your switches.