Studying Technique

Hi Renee,

I am here to study new CCNA and CCNP ( ENCOR +ENARSI) . Just looking for a Advise .
I am thinking if I will study as Topic wise ; eg: I have just finished STP ( Start to END) not under any Cert Module , but from your topic list and i want tdo same for Swithing , OSPF,RIP,EIGRP,BGP etc.

Is that good approach to study as topic rather than stick to Cert Module content. ?

Would be good enough to cover Certs level infor as well?

as Teacher, your professional advise will be very beneficial .


Hello Mohit

The material on the site is organized in two ways: by Cisco certification blueprint, and by topic. If you are studying for the specific certifications, then it’s a good idea to follow the course of the specific certification exam you are going to write. All of the course material on the site has been organized based on the Cisco blueprint, and on the content found in the official Cisco certification guides.
So, for example, if you’re going for CCNA 200-301, follow the specific course found here:

If you want to go deep into the specifics of a particular aspect of networking to learn it more fully, rather than to write an exam on it, then go by topic. So if, for example, you want to dive deep into EIGRP, go to this course.

If you go through the specific topics only, you may be studying material that won’t be on the particular exam you’ll be writing. It’s just that the volume of material there goes beyond certification, so you’ll be spending time learning things that, although they’re useful, will not be on the exams.

I hope this has been helpful!


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