Subnetting in Binary

Hello Rene, This is great work that you are doing and even if I find it difficult to grasp the concept, I have a feeling that something is happening to my understanding :). Your examples are clear to a point but when I try using my own values, ie other addresses I get lost rather fast :(.

For instance, I have the following address: and I am required to find out 1. Network address. 2.first and last usable addresses and the broadcast address. I figured out that the first address must be the following: and as the network address since it is the first address and that is reserved for the network.

However I am unable or got stuck trying to figure out the broadcast address since it’s the last address is unclear to me. Please let me know how to deal with this issue. Again, thanks for the good work you are doing for hundreds of newbies like me who’d have it rather rough without your help. George