Taking the ENARSI exam soon!

Hello, everyone!

I am taking the ENARSI exam in 5 days. I’ve mostly used NetworkLessons as my main resource for pretty much everything once I discovered it together with the OCG books.

I feel very confident in L3, VPN technologies and Infrastructure Security and when it comes to Services, all that’s worrying me a little is Cisco DNA :smiley:

Does anyone have any final-days advice on what to focus on, what to watch out for, etc? If I happen to pass the exam, I’ll create a comprehensive review of it and describe how NetworkLessons really helped me in my CCNP journey so far.

Thank you in advance!


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Hello David

I wish you the best of luck and success in your exam! Based on the posts you have written and the dialogs we’ve had online, it sounds like you’ve got this! I wouldn’t worry too much about Cisco DNA, I believe the questions about this area are more informational and not so much practical, because it is difficult to get hands on experience with Cisco DNA unless you work at a large enterprise.

Until you take your exam, I suggest you go over any areas that you feel you just need a refresher. Don’t do any hard core studying or in depth labbing, I would suggest you rest your mind from more thought intensive exercises, and just skim/review an overview of the areas you think you are weakest in.

Again, we wish you luck and we look forward to hearing about your experience!


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