This is Marcel from Germany

Hello I’m Marcel from Germany,

It all started with an apprenticeship as an IT Technician.
Now I’m here almost 5 years later (21) starting my CCNP ROUTE Exam.
I’m really looking forward to advance my career as an network engineer using

Best regards,
Marcel :v:

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Hallo Marcel,

Willkommen! Is this your first CCNP exam? Good luck studying and if you need anything, you know where to find us.


Hello Rene,

Thank you really much for reading through my introduction!
It’s going to be my first CCNP exam and to be honest I already attempted to pass my CCNP ROUTE exam but I failed with 779 Points which is too bad to try it for a second time without any preparation :slight_smile: My goal is to not just pass the CCNP exams but to master each and every topic within … my score showed me clearly that I have to look much deeper into PPP, FrameRelay, NTP and DMVPN. :open_book:

I really like what you did developing this platform to help students (including me) build knowledge from a source that is based on solid understandable and reliable content which often is the chellenge in a world where it’s easy to get information but hard to find one that satisfies


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Hello Marcel,

I’m glad to hear you like my work :sunglasses: I do my best to create up-to-date examples and explanations.

You had a good attempt :slight_smile: It’s nice to pass the first time but if you don’t, it’s a good look in the mirror to figure out what topics you are weak. Sounds like you figured out what topics those are so you are on the right track :+1:

Take your time to learn the technology, try everything, do labs…look at show/debug commands. Recreate the things you see in my examples. The exam is the final step to verify you understand everything.

Good luck studying and if there is anything, let us know ok?


I will definitely come back to it :+1:

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