This is Michal from Slovakia

Hi guys,
my name is Michal and I am from Slovakia.
I’am 31years (Jesus …) old and work as a senior network engineer. My first real touch of networking was after I finished my university and started to work with Alcatel-Lucent 7x50 SP routers. After few years I changed my job and discovered ASR9010 routers with IOS-XR and this is when my journey with Cisco has begun :slight_smile:
I did my CCNP SP certification and I am starting to looking for a new goal: CCIE SP. Even though my current employee doesn’t require this certification and I won’t have any advantages if I succeed , I need some specific goals in my personal live and carrier so I can move forward and learn little bit more.
Nowadays it is really challenging because everyone expects we, as network engineers, know also Python, Linux and dozen of DevOps opensource tools to not only operate but deploy, configure and maintain :slight_smile:
I believe NetworkLessons is really good place to find tons of useful information even for the Service Provider track and I am looking forward to study from this great source.

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Hello Michal,

Welcome on board! Even if achieving CCIE now doesn’t give you any advantages, it can be a good investment for the future. You never know what happens in the next 10-20 years. It’s also a good personal goal. You have to study long hours and not just a few weeks, but months at a time. It helps to train your discipline :slight_smile:

There is some overlap between R&S and SP so I think I still have quite some material you can use.

Things are shifting from the CLI to YANG/RESTCONF/NETCONF, Nortbound/Southbound APIs, scripting, python, etc. The way we configure things might change but you still need to understand the underlying protocols/technology :slight_smile:

Good luck studying!