Tool to check Shaping Configuration

Hi Rene,

Is there any tool to check the shaping i.e. I was trying to apply traffic shaping on a link along with timed access-list in gns3. So how should I verify whether the shaping is done at specific time.


Hi @avinash.chintamani09,

Although you have probably solved this now, for reference this can be done in a home lab by using iPerf to generate traffic load and using ICMP as the test traffic.

Assuming a circuit of 100Mbps symmetric (e.g. Fast Ethernet) the access ports are Gigabit Ethernet, two classes of service with two queues: Bulk and Priority (it can be Gold and Bronze etc, the names are not important).

We need to ensure that the iPerf traffic load is treated as bulk and that ICMP test traffic is treated as priority. We first present some small quantity of priority traffic to the test interface and monitor there is zero loss, low latency and low jitter.
We then present more than 100Mbs of bulk traffic to the access interface and verify that traffic is lost (using UDP as the bulk traffic is a great way to do this).
We then present our small quantity of test traffic at the same time as the bulk load: we should still see zero loss, low latency and low jitter.

To further verify, remove ICMP traffic from the priority class and re-test. You should now see loss, latency and jitter when bulk traffic is heavy.

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