Trouble shooting Multicast issue with camera

Hi Guys,

IS there any guidance for multicast trouble shooting issue on the site?

I have an issue with camera which giving me pixelation/lagging video while other plugged in the same don’t have issue. Thanks.

Hello Tom

We don’t have a specific lesson on multicast troubleshooting, but you may want to check out the multicast course in which there are various topics that you can look at:

Concerning the problem with your camera, it seems to me that if you plug in another camera on the same port without changing anything and it works well, that tells me that there’s something wrong with the original camera.

I suggest you start off by attempting to plug in a device you know is working well into the same port where the malfunctioning camera is operating. If you see the same behaviour, then you can rule out any problems with the hardware.

If this is the case, you must then check multicast, but also QoS configurations as well, since the problem may be due to congestion in that particular part of the network. Additional things to check out is the physical layer, like cabling, power, or wireless connectivity capabilities, if your camera uses Wi-Fi…

Unfortunately, problems like pixelation ad lagging on cameras are not that easily resolved, and it may take some aggressive troubleshooting to find the particular problem. Let us know how you get along…

I hope this has been helpful!


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