Troubleshooting Etherchannel

Hi laz,
thanks for your reply.

The network i’m troubleshooting consist lot of IPTV client. My problem is when IPTV traffic coming from IBSE01, some of the IPTV02 client(IPTV traffic is via etherchannel to client) experiencing jerking and freeze, all client on IPTV01 is channel good.

When we change incoming traffic to IBSE02, all client at IPTV02 channel is good, and some of IPTV01 is jerking and freeze. Base to this observation, i suspect that one of etherchannel physical interface is problem.

what do you think?


Hello Izwan

With the behaviour you described I believe you are correct to suspect something is going on with the EtherChannel link. The first thing I would check is to see if any of the physical etherchannel links are reaching capacity. You can do this by looking at the output of the show interface command on NPE01 or NPE02 on the physical interfaces of the EtherChannel. This will give you a rough idea of what may be going on, but the best thing to do is to view the traffic from a traffic monitoring system using SNMP or Netflow. This way you’ll get a good view of the traffic over time, and if any links are reaching capacity. If so, you may have to adjust the load balancing algorithm on the EtherChannel link.

If no links are reaching capacity, then it is not a congestion issue, but possibly a delay issue. Delay may come as a result of suboptimal routing. Are you using multicast for your IPTV implementation? Is multicast routing correctly and optimally configured?

Once you identify if the problem is the EtherChannel or not, then we can go on to the next step of further troubleshooting the problem. Let us know how you come along.

I hope this has been helpful!