Troubleshooting High CPU in Router and Switches

Hi Rene & team. often I come across the problem of high cpu utilization in the routers and catalyst switches. I generally take output of show process cpu and try to analyse.

For most of my learning and for the troubleshooting I refer, gain confidence and proceed with troubleshooting. However, I didn’t see much about understanding addressing High CPU utilization. Can you please brief on this and help us on how to handle that in the real time.


Hello Network L

Thanks for recommending specific topics for the site, it’s always useful to get such feedback! In order to document such recommendations, I suggest you include your idea in the Lessons Ideas page found at the following link:

Having said that, you can get a good idea of troubleshooting high CPU usage on both Cisco switches and routers at the following Cisco documentation:

I hope this has been helpful!