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Thank you for explaining OSPF troubleshooting in a simple language. This helps in understanding OSPF better.

The first scenario doesn’t match with the troubleshooting. For example, “We can see that R1 has learned about network /24 from R2 but there’s nothing in the routing table of R2. What’s going on? Let’s check if OSPF is enabled:”. There is nowhere on the scenario that states, configure network address /24, so I’m not expecting to see network /24 in my routing table.

Hi Alex,

You are right, this should be the network. I just fixed it in the article. Thanks for letting me know!


Super Explanation :slight_smile:

Completely agree , Super Explanation !
Nice concept to include such a topic and very well explained !

After going through this article , I instantly checked if there is anything like this for BGP :slight_smile:
Would really appreciate if you can add similar article for BGP i.e. the basic checkpoints of the protocol and most likely the only you might encounter ever.


Hi Amit,

We do have something similar for BGP:

Troubleshooting BGP Neighbor Adjacency

Troubleshooting BGP Route Advertisement


Hi Rene ,

It helped me revise very quickly for an interview.
There’s a little printing mistake under the section ‘OSPF summarization
commands’ :
“The network engineer that configured R1 and R2 expects to see network /26 in the routing table of R1”, It is to be printed as
Many Thanks .

Thank you Sutandra, I just fixed this.