Updating multiple devices

Hi folks,

Could you tell me what is the best practice to update multiple routers? Do I need to log into each of them separately or is there a way to share a token among them?


Hello Naresh

This is an open ended question, as there are many techniques and best practices that can be implemented. One way is to log in to each one separately as you mention, but of course, this is not scalable when you have very many devices. One relatively simple solution is to implement scripts that will do various things such as log in, copy configurations, or send new configurations to particular devices. Using a program such as SecureCRT, or mRemoteNG (you can Google them) you can implement such scripts. But even scripts are difficult to maintain if you have many devices, and you have many changes to make on a regular basis.

This is where network automation and orchestration as well as network programmability come in. You can learn more about these at the following lessons:

I hope this has been helpful!