Videos for content

Hi Rene,

I have been a paid member of NetworkLessons for a while. I would like to thank you for your amazing content.
The thing I like about your content is the simplicity and brevity in teaching. Although there are many other providers, none can explain things more simpler than you. I have also seen your GNS3Vault videos on Youtube which are pretty useful as well. Can we please have a video explantion for all the pages / subpages? I feel like it not only makes the concepts more interactive but also provides people options to those who prefer video explanations.


Hello @siddubpratapur,

Thank you for your kind words. This is what keeps me going!

Having a video for every lesson is definitely my goal. It is quite a backlog, but Iā€™m recording some missing videos every now and then. It will take some time to catch up but will definitely happen.


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