Videos not working?

Hi, I cannot view all videos, could you please check? Thanks.

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Hello Yat Fai

After looking at some videos on some lessons, I see that the videos are working. Can you tell us which specific video you had trouble with? Also, tell us what error message you see, or take a screenshot. It may be a specific setting on your browser that we can help you with.

Let us know and we’ll help resolve it.

I hope this has been helpful!


Error message from vimeo, but it’s working now, thanks.

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I was playing a video just now on - “DMVPN Phase 1 Basic Configuration”. Now i want to go back to that video again and i can’t find it. Thought it’s my browser and i changed the browser but still could not find the video anymore. I changed the laptop from a windows machine to a mac-book and i found the video and played it and moved on to the next topic. Decided to go back to the DMVPN Phase 1 Basic Configuration video and I could not find it again. Changed to a 3rd laptop and still could not find the video. Can you please check what is happening to the videos - One moment there are there, and the next they don’t show? I did not get any error messages,

Hello Elizabeth

I looked at the DMVPN Phase 1 Basic Configuration, and there is no video on that particular lesson. I have looked at most of the DMVPN lessons and none of them have videos.

Some lessons have videos, others do not. Most new lessons include a video, and Rene may be adding videos to all the lessons eventually.

Take a look again when you can. I will also ask Rene, maybe he was adding and testing videos at that time?

I hope this has been helpful!


Hi Laz

There is a video and i am playing it right now. Is there any way i can record it for you so that you can play it on your end and listen to it yourself?

Please find below a screenshot showing the video playing.

If you look on the right you can see that i am on the “DMVPN Phase 1 Basic Configuration” Sometimes this video shows up and the other times it does not.


Hi Elizabeth,

I thought this was fixed but it seems to be back. I think it’s a caching issue. I think it’s OK now but I’m looking into it and monitoring things.