Virtual Slot mapping - Cisco 6880 VSS

Hello Rene,

I am looking for VSS Configuration of 6880 installed in my Company Network and I saw below lines under module Provision and module fex command. Can you explain how i get this? Also what is Slot-type, port-type and virtual-slot? From where we get These number 354, 364 and 60 and others so on.

module provision switch 2
 slot 1 slot-type 364 port-type 60 number 16 port-type 113 number 4  virtual-slot 33


module provision fex 101
 slot 1 slot-type 354 port-type 61 number 48  virtual-slot 50

Waqas Ali Khan

Hello Waqas,

You can find some information about these in some of the VSS documents. For example:

It has an example:

  • slot-type type Specifies the type of module installed in the slot; valid values are 0 to 286.
  • port-type port-type Specifies the port type. Range: 1 to 100.
  • vdb-type vdb-type Specifies the VDB type. Range: 1 to 250.
  • number num Specifies the number of ports found on the module.
    virtual-slot slot-num Specifies where the module fits in the switch. See below for additional

For The following example:

slot 3 slot-type 227 port-type 60 number 8 virtual-slot 19

The following applies:

• The slot-type is the VSL module type and the value 227 translates into the 8-port 10GE module
• The port-type of 60 indicates 10GE ports found on the 8-port 10GE module.
• The number 8 is the number of ports found on the actual module.
• The virtual-slot slot-num keyword and argument is calculated as (Switch # * 16) + Slot #.
So in this case, 19 is calculated as 1 * 16 + 3 = 19


Hi Rene,

Thanks for your Reply and Information you shared. Can you also have some documents that Shows the translation of 227 into the 8-port 10GE module (WS-X6708-10G-3C) in the above example. As i understand so far, is that Cisco gives ist every Card some number which are used in VS. If you have that list or document than please share.