Vlans, Intervlan and Standby

Hi Lazaros,

I have attached a network that I recently created and in making the network i decided not to use vtp this time and on sw3 if I had a vlan only on that switch would I still have to add it to the other switches in order to create intervlans via the routers attached to the outside switches and then apply hsrp to each intervlan? for hsrp i need to put the same intervlans on both routers with different ips in the same subnet to make hsrp work with the intervlans correct? (so I would assign for example on RTR1 int gi0/1.12 with

Hello Daniel

In order to allow a VLAN that exists only on SW3 to reach the routers, you must include it in all the switches that exist between SW3 and the routers. Now if SW3 is the one in the middle (I can’t see the labels) then you must add the VLAN to the other two switches so that it can be trunked and eventually reach the routers for routing.

For HSRP to function you do have to use the same VLAN on both routers. As for the configuration of HSRP, you can see details in the HSRP lesson.

I hope this has been helpful!