VMWare ESXi 5 Move VM to Different Datastore

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Excellent How-to!
Great pictures, explanations, etc…

Professional, detailed, the screenshots are perfect. Great job.

Thanks for the explanation.

I found it because I just bought an SSD to add to my Whitebox. I’m migrating some of the heavier duty VMs from my old 2TB HD to the SSD. I was wondering whether any additional changes or steps should be taken since I’m converting from spinning rust to an SSD.


Hi Dylan,

Good to hear it was helpful to you. I can’t think of any other changes you’ll have to make…


Thanks Francesco!

Why we didn’t use storage vmotion, is there any specific reason behind this.

Thanks Leo

Great Article. I have a question though. When I browse my datastore for my virtual machine, there are a few files in there that look like VirtualMachine_1.vmdk and VirtualMachine_2.vmdk. I know these are likely due to snapshots but my goal is to move this vm to a smaller datastore and need to get rid of these files before I do so.
any ideas?

Also, I have multiple datastores attached to this vm that I don’t want to move, will this process affect those other datastores? I am thinking no as the vmdk file would still have all the config info. But wanted to verify with someone else first.

Hi Rene,
Its really informative and helped me out in production environment. After this, I have a little query that by moving VM in different data store effect other VM’s running on that data store.


nice pictorial article!

Just one question? What will happen if computer/internet got disconnected from the machine where we initiate the move? Does ESXi got the required command to move or that computer needs to stay awake?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Sal,

Never tried it, my guess is that it will keep moving the files…not sure though.