VPN with Sagemcom F@st 5260

Has anyone here attempted to set up PiVPN at home on a Sagemcom F@St 5260 router? (this is just the standard issue router for spectrum in my neck of the woods).

Anyway, i have been playing around with this for sometime and i just cant get this, seemingly, simple configuration to work. My guess is that the Port is not being forwarded properly, but i am not sure exactly how to verify this or what to troubleshoot.

Any and all advice is welcomed. Is there an easier way? should i go another route? am i missing something?


Hi Austin,

I haven’t but this shouldn’t be too hard. First, you need to figure out whether the problem is with the router or PiVPN.

On your local network, can you connect with the VPN client to PiVPN? If so, you know that PiVPN works.

When that works, check the port forward + firewall rules on the router. I’m not familiar with the Sagemcom routers but on most SOHO routers, you only need to add a port forward entry (UDP 1194). On some routers, you also need to open the firewall for that port.

When you test this from the outside world, use your 4G connection.



Thanks for the reply. I will definitely be going back to this project for fun.

My apologies for the long pause, i forgot to turn notifications on!