VRF connectivity from switch with L2 to Core with L3 VRF


I have a question around VRF’s and how they would work to segregate traffic between clients and if VRF is need on each switch connected.

So if I have a core say a 6509 with 3 VLAN’s in 3 VRF’s and connect a L2 switch to this with the same VLAN’s over a trunk do I need to have the same VRF’s on the switch that is connected or will this traffic route to the correct VRF on the core as it is L2 at this point?


To answer my own question.

I have just labbed this up in GNS3 and it would seem that the VRF’s only apply when you add L3 to the VLAN so as long as it is L2 on the switch the host will be able to ping through from the L2 port through the trunk to the VRF aware VLAN on the core.

Hi Ian,

Good to hear you found the answer :slight_smile: You are right, if the switch is only L2 then all you need are VLANs, that’s it.