Vsi concept in mpls

Hi ,

I need help in understanding vsi concept in mpls. Please assist.


Hello Usman

There are several concepts by different vendors that use the abbreviation VSI. When it comes to Cisco, this is a Virtual Switch Interface. It was used with the old BPX multiservice switches. These are over 20 years old, so you’re probably not talking about this. But because I found it interesting, I decided to upload a datasheet from 1999 for the BPX 8600:
technicheskie-kharakteristiki-kommutatori-cisco-bpx-8600-series-multiservice-switches.pdf (329.6 KB)
Virtual Switch Interface Protocol was used with these switches for MPLS, and you can find out more about that here.

However, I believe you are talking about the VSIs used in H3C routers or Huawei devices.

Can you clarify what particular feature you are looking to learn more about?

I hope this has been helpful!