VXLAN Protocol

Hello everyone,

could anyone explain to me what is vxlan and how is it different from evpn / q-in-q?

all I could fine online was that it have 32 bit value numbers that can assign 4bil different instances and that it is used for WAN and L3 as the underlay for L2 VPN network or as a seperating mechanism for different services of different customers on the same switch for different Hypervisors Vm machines.

more then the above statements I must say that I have no idea about anything else that the vxlan protocol does and I have some questions I would like to ask you to get more familiar with it:

  1. how does it work?
  2. what kind of header information?
  3. cons and pros
  4. who would use them and why?
  5. is it gonna be a new subject in the new CCIE certification which will come on 24 Feb 2020?

Thanks you very much

Hello Nitay

VXLAN is a feature that is used to provide the same layer 2 network services that VLANs provide, but with greater scalability and flexibility. In other words, it is VLANs on steroids. You can find out more information about it in the following Cisco documentation which shows an overview of the feature, and how it is applied on the Nexus platform.

For information about how to configure it on the Cisco IOS platform, you can take a look at this documentation:

I hope this has been helpful!


Thanks you very much,
I’ll check those links later as they seems to look very usefull.

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