What is the use of RFC2544 and how it's works?


Can anyone explain me how we can test the link using RFC2544?

Hello Gowthamraj

This particular RFC does not define a standard, a particular tool, or a specific protocol to be used at all. It is more of a list of best practices to follow when attempting to objectively compare the capabilities and specifications of network devices in general. As stated in the status of the RFC:

This memo provides information for the Internet community. It does
not specify an Internet standard of any kind. Distribution of this
memo is unlimited.

It is also interesting to note this particular comment made by the authors:

  1. Real world

    In producing this document the authors attempted to keep in mind the
    requirement that apparatus to perform the described tests must
    actually be built. We do not know of “off the shelf” equipment
    available to implement all of the tests but it is our opinion that
    such equipment can be constructed.

So much of the practical aspects of such testing are really up to you when you choose to do such testing. The RFC is primarily there to inform interested parties in the Internet community about best practices and methodologies to objectively test network devices.

I hope this has been helpful!