Where to start for CCIE Routing & Switching

This topic is to discuss the following lesson:


You mentioned of a link to find the books that you used for QOS, MPLS and Multicast but I can’t find the link.
Please advise

Hi Alfredo,

Here it is:



Hi Rene,

can i depend on your lessons to master CCIE written exam or it’s need to study the extra books that you mentioned ??

Hi Hussein,

For now I would also recommend to use the two Cisco press books for the written exam. There are a few topics that I still have to work on…IS-IS, more multicast and QoS.


I guess, the stuff in https://networklessons.com/cisco/ccie-routing-switching/ is just a starting point, before reading any CCIE Book ?

Hello Maodo

Yes, this would definitely be a good starting point. I suggest you start with the material in networklessons and then branch out from there. (I’m currently in the process of studying for CCIE as well, and that is how I’ve begun…).

I hope this has been helpful!


Hi Rene,
I have few doubts regarding the new cisco certification.
I have done my CCNP R&S successfully back on 19th December 2019 with the help of networklessons.com and I would like to thanks for Networklessons.com ,
Now I am planning for CCIE, should I go directly for CCIE lab or should I take any CCNP Core exams?
My old CCNP certifications converted to new CCNP enterprise certification after 20th Feb 2020.

Hello Sasidhar

First of all, we’re glad to have been part of your journey to reaching your CCNP goal back in 2019!!

Your CCNP R&S has been converted to the CCNP enterprise, but it still expires in December of 2022, three years after you took the exam. According to Cisco, you need to pass the ENCOR 350-401 and the lab exam. Since you have a valid CCNP enterprise, it is considered that you have passed the ENCOR exam. Thus, you can go directly for the CCIE lab exam.

However, keep in mind that you must pass the CCIE lab exam before December 19th, 2022. If you feel confident in doing so, go for it as you will save time and money. However, if you need more time to prepare, plan to do the ENCOR exam before your CCNP expires, as that will help you to get up to speed and to obtain the momentum that is necessary to be able to pass the CCIE. That way you will keep your current CCNP valid, and have more time to prepare for the CCIE.

I hope this has been helpful!