Which certification is in most high demand in IT industry?

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These days which certeficate for IT is in high demand thes days ?

cisco , non cisco or etc ?

Likely one that you and I cannot and will not acquire anytime soon. It is ‘in demand’ for a good reason. With that in mind, it is probably the ‘expert’ level one that is down the respective path.


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This is a question for which you may get very many different answers depending upon who you ask. Having certifications of any type is a valuable asset to your CV. It says that you have consciously put in the effort to learn the specific technologies, and that means a lot for many employers. From my experience, I have found that Cisco certifications have opened up many new opportunities for me, and have been a major factor in my success. There is no question that Cisco certifications have a solid reputation in the industry.

But which is in high demand also depends upon the area you are focusing on. In networking, Cisco and more generically, CompTIA, are two top names, with Juniper’s JNCP program also getting into the game. For systems, Microsoft’s certifications are valuable, as are RedHat’s, and Oracle’s.

Additional general guidelines as far as certifications go can also be found at the Value of Cisco certifications NetworkLessons note.

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I have a lot of love for Ip telephony or calobration

What should i study ?

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My first love was also IP telephony, and I started on Cisco’s Call Manager 4.3 back in 2004! In the past, Cisco’s CCNA had specific specializations such as CCNA Voice, and CCNA Collaboration, but these specializations are no longer available. Now, such specialization is within the various CCNP certifications you can obtain under the topic of CCNA Collaboration.

You can see the various topics and exam options at the following Cisco link:

The blueprints there show you the topics that are covered for the core exam and the specialization exams.

Now NetworkLessons doesn’t contain the information necessary for these specific exams, so you’ll have to either prepare your own study schedule and program, use one of Cisco’s recommended training options, or search for a suitable online program to do your studying.

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