Cisco 3G Wireless WAN Configuration Example

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Great !! Thx

Very useful. Wish I had this a few months back as I had to configure 3G VPN’s over parts of Europe and didn’t have much to go on at the time.

I don’t even need to use this but it sounds like fun!! I assume once you know the ip address that the SP has provided you could configure the router etc to be accessible via SSH? I would love to see some more tutorials about how to connect to it over the air.

Love your work!

Hi Cory,

Once the dialer interface has an IP address you can do whatever you like. It will be exactly the same as any other interface with an IP address on it.


is it possible to connect two distance site with cisco 3G wireless card or cisco 4G wireless LTE card?

You sure can, as long as you have a signal :slight_smile:

Do you know if it is possible, via IOS, to show the details for all visible cells - not merely that to which the unit is currently registered…? Could be handy for geolocating a remote device…

Hi Ben,

Not that I know of…I checked all the cellular commands but I think it only shows the cell that it is connected to.


How can I find out how good my signal strength is of a router that is Connected some were?
Sorry for bad English…

The show cellular 0/1/0 radio command will do the job but you need to have access to the CLI of the router.

Great explanation! I have almost identical configuration, and connection is established (got IP and DNS addresses) , but I can’t ping anything from router via Dialer interface. I can’t even ping Dialer’s address (which I got from ISP and can be seen with sh ip int brief command) itself???

Hi Rene, I really enjoy your site full of plenty useful clear and easy to read information…

One quite question:

Does this HWIC-3G-GSM WAN card supports 1700 series cisco routers…

That’s all…


typo; Not (quite but quick ) above…

Hi Dwain,

You are welcome. The HWIC-3G-GSM WAN card is not supported on the 1700 router. For each interface card you can find the supported platforms. In this case:

Modular Cisco 1841, 1861, 1900, 2800, 2900, 3800 and 3900 Integrated Services Routers

You can find it here:

Cisco High-Speed WAN Interface Cards


Hi Darko,

If you get an IP address then your connection itself should be OK. How about a default route? Is it pointing towards the ISP / out of the dialer interface?


I’ve found where is problem. The ISP allows me to communicate (ping) with only specified range of ip addresses within my APN. A communication with them works like a charm and that is exactly what I need! Thanks for great lessons and really quick answers!

Hi Rene,

When i do a show cell 0/1/0 hardware on my HWIC-3G_GSM it comes up with the following output:

Modem Firmware Version = 
Modem Firmware built = 
Hardware Version = 
International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) = 00000
International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) = 
Integrated Circuit Card ID (ICCID) = 
Mobile Subscriber International Subscriber
IDentity Number (MSISDN) = 
Factory Serial Number (FSN) = 
Modem Status = Offline
Current Modem Temperature = 0 deg C, State = Normal
PRI SKU ID = 0, SKU Rev. = 0.0

It shows that there is no firmware installed. Does this represent a problem?


Hi Matt,

I don’t think it’s an issue. There are different radios, firmware and IOS versions. It could be a cosmetic bug.

You might want to configure it, see if it works. If it doesn’t, you could try to install the latest firmware and/or try another IOS image.


Hi, I have a doubt an ISP is going to install an APN for some links what I have to configure on my LAN to receive the APN?