Hi guys.

Can you give me some feedback about this topic?

  • Which software do you use?
  • Why ?


Hello Giovanni

You may find this thread useful:

@ReneMolenaar uses VIRL for most labs (except for some SD-WAN labs for which he uses EVE-NG). VIRL is used because it suposedly is the most compatible with most Cisco features. But this by no means excludes either GNS3 or EVE-NG from being extremely great tools.

I hope this has been helpful!


Hi @lagapides thank you for your response.
I know the power of these tools, they are awesome for labbing.

I saw on internet that a lot of people are switching from GNS3 to EVE-NG, we know GNS3 is harder to maintain and deploy than EVE-NG, but I’d like to know if exist any other reasons to move to EVE.

I know that it is a big topic, but I would like to understand if worth to switch to EVE or not ( I’m GNS3 user )

Web access is much more efficient on Eveng, I have installed a bare metal instance at home. So easy, you start it and go to your browser. And very low ressources consuming and cpu/ram friendly , I can start much more devices compare to gns3. I think it is thanks to no needs of hypervisor, with gns3 you need VMware or virtualbox plus install the client ect… even when I tried remote server, the fact that you need local VMware it is pretty annoying.

Yes eveng makes my life easier


Thanks @mathieu.patoz !!

Hello Giovanni

I guess the best way to evaluate if it’s worth it is to spend some time installing and playing around with it. It seems that’s what @mathieu.patoz has done, and has shared his experience… Thanks for that Mathieu!

It ultimately comes down to what works best for you… If you do try it out, let us know your opinion…

I hope this has been helpful!