Hello, I'm Fabio from Brazil and I want to know about the CISCO update 02/2020

Hi Rene and everyone! I would like an opinion from Rene about the new CCNA and CCNP scope that will be updated in february of 2020. I would like to understand better what topics will be included and excluded, and if the networklessons.com will have an update in its course regarding this new scope.

PS: I like your site Rene, it help me a lot when a got my CCNA R&S and is helping me now with my CCNP :slight_smile:

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Hello Fabio

Great to hear that you are enjoying NetworkLessons. We’re always doing whatever we can to offer the best to all participants on the forum and the readers of the lessons.

NetworkLessons is indeed gearing up to respond to the changes to the Cisco certifications. For more info on the future plans, I’ll let Rene fill you in…

Looking forward to continuing to help and support you and the whole community!


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