How to configure Redistribution between OSPF and RIP

Hello David

Your understanding of route maps is correct. Any parameters of the same kind within the same match statement are indeed treated as an OR operation. This is clarified in the following Cisco documentation where it says:

If a match command refers to several objects in one command, either match (the logical OR algorithm is applied). For example, in the match ip address 101 121 commands, a route is permitted if it is permitted by access list 101 or access list 121.

In the above case, either ACL is matched. Now when you are matching ACLs, you are matching them to particular networks. What if both ACLs match the particular network? The OR logic means that we check ALL of the potential elements in the match statement. So we don’t stop at one, but check them all. And if they all match, then the route map will act accordingly.

So in your case, when you have multiple match commands on the same line, the router doesn’t stop at the first match it finds. Instead, it will match any of the conditions listed. So, it’s not that it matches G0/2 and stops, it’s that it matches G0/2 OR G0/1 OR G0/0.

In other words, the router will redistribute the connected networks from any of the three interfaces listed as they all match the conditions in the route-map.

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