How to study Cisco and Networking

Not only for studying Cisco, but anything else :slight_smile: thank you for the article


Great way of covering all important areas, you will definitely master your craft with this study method.

great job ! rene you are the best , i have learned a lot from you , i want ask you something , do u know any group discussion but online cuz i am a self study i am not attending any classes

Hi René ,

My Name is Vibil vishwanathan from India .
I am trying to complete my CCNA very soon and all your articles that i went through had been very simple, easier to understand and also interesting.
After going through some of my CCNA books it had been very difficult for me to understand few topics but your articles where incredibly useful.
The one difficulty that i am facing is that i am not getting any time to go for my Labs and practice but instead i am thinking if there is a right software out there that can help me test and learn from comfort of my home . Thanx

Hi Vibil,

Nice to meet you. For practice you can try GNS3 and my labs on


You might like my GNS3Vault forum :slight_smile:

thank you for this good articles. :slight_smile: u wrote it so well

It is an interesting information, I’ll take it into account, as I am preparing for the exam ccna S & R (ICDN 1 and 2) of his book.
Great post !


I think you need to buy René’s CCNA book to find out how easily is reading a CCNA book :slight_smile:

Thanks, Rene for these information. Right now I’m studying my CCNP certifications. I passed switch exam and now studying for routing.

My little weakness subletting. Is there advice how to master subletting while keep review my hold notes from CCNA?



I mean subnetting, Rene

Hi Michael,

Did you see my subnetting lessons yet?

The short answer is:

a) You need to learn how to calculate subnets in decimal, if you do it in binary then it takes too much time.
b) Practice, practice, practice until you can do this on top of your head.

From now on, if you do labs…don’t use /24 subnets in your topologies but mix some /27, /28, /12, /26, etc. subnets. This forces you to do some subnetting along the way.


Awesome advice for people in any field or on any networking level!!! It impresses me that you even bothered to include this type of material. Very nice.





Great Article! forgetting curve is veru useful chart for us.

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hi sir
i see your material in this site and these are great!!!
but sir i had some question in my mind and please guide me. i learn the networking up to CCNP and i start to read CCIE R&S with popular online courses and i have learn all topics in there and i practice them successfully but sir when i see exam questions even from CCNA there are some topics witch i hear them for the first time and questions are very different as i learn i dont know what to do, reading books changing online courses or any thing else please guide me dear mr rene , did you cover every topics witch come in to exam?

Hi @mozamel-ccie,

Glad to hear you like my work :slight_smile:

I think you are talking about R&S written? It is a difficult exam. The first time I took it a few years ago, it was easier that nowadays. I did it again 2 years ago to renew my CCIE.

My written course page covers 99.9% of the blueprint:

There are a few small topics that I still have to add. When it comes to studying, once you feel you understand everything on the blueprint, labbed everything, and studied enough, the only way to move forward is to try the exam once.

If you pass it, great! If you don’t, write down everything you didn’t understand during the exam as soon as you leave the test center and look it up at home, get rid of your knowledge gaps. Next time you attempt it, you’ll pass.

What is a good book to study for ccna 200-301

Hello Marcus

Because the exam is relatively new there are not as many books yet published as have been published for the previous exams. However, my feeling is that study tactics should be moving away from books and more into courses with hands-on labs with a more practical focus. Having said that, the official Cisco Cert guide is always a good choice.

I hope this has been helpful!


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