Introduction to EIGRP

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I enjoyed your lesson very much… Great site.

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Awesome '!!! Site

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Good lesson. Just two points in your text:

“This is what makes EIGRP a FAST routing table…”
Shouldn’t be a fast routing protocol?

“Next step is to fill in the feasible successors”
I believe here that you wanted to say feasible distances


Hi Andre,

Thanks for pointing that out, those are two silly mistakes…just fixed them!


Hi Rene…
Where is advertise distance and feasible distance for Hearts??

In this example we are looking at router Hearts itself to see what possible paths it has towards the destination network. At the end it has selected router Spade as the successor so it will advertise its feasible distance as the advertised distance to its neighbors (9).

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Hii Rene Sir,plzzz look the para under table 5 where u have mentioned successor and feasible successor…In the end of para ,I think it should be “Topology table” there instead of the “routing table”.

You are right, thanks. Just fixed it.

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I just want to add here that the way you explain complicated topics is so simple to understand. I am honestly having a hard time with other (official) books. But I always end up here to comprehend many of these technologies

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I am so hoping you are secretly working on the new GNS3 labs :slight_smile:

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Good explanation

I love the way you explain…Nice work…thank you… :slight_smile:

Thanks Rene!! Nice explanation.

could you also try to explain in packet level with captures for better understanding the concepts forever.

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Nice approach. I already bought your CCNP route book and found it very interesting. Thank you for your valuable work

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Thank you, I’m glad that you like it!


You are welcome. I’ll see if I can add some packet captures. It’s also a good idea to enable some debugs, take a look on the console to see what kind of packets EIGRP produces.

Rene - It is a excellent article. Thank you very much. This is the first document i am seeing with great explanation about AD and FD

Good stuff Rene, explained very clearly!