Metric type 1 and type 2 explanation in Redistribution

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Topic:: Redistribution in OSPF / Redistribution between OSPF and EIGRP
I’m trying to check the difference between metric type 1 and metric type 2 configuration and it’s details in redistribution. I am unable to find details about it. Please direct me to check the appropriate topic if it is already in this site.


I asked recently the same here.

Hello Valli

The following lesson explains the various types of paths that OSPF shares, and the way that these are examined before looking at their metrics. These include External type 1 and External type 2 OSPF routes.

Now more info on the E1 and E2 routers and why they exist and how they are useful for redistribution can be found at the following post:

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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