THE Updated CCIE V1.1

Hello, When are you updating the new ccie v1.1 content?

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Hello Mazamil

I will inform Rene of your question and he will respond to you soon.

Thanks for asking!


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Please send our regards to Rene as well :slight_smile:

Hello Ali

Will do. I will also nudge Rene to get a response to this original question… Sorry about the delay!


I’m working on it soon. I just returned from my holiday. A few more MPLS TE lessons to wrap it up, and then I add the missing CCNP/CCIE topics of the updated blueprints.

Hello Everyone,

Do we know if CCIE EI course synced with 1.1 ?

Thank you.

Hello all,
hope you are all well!
Any news about the CCIE topics to be updated to v1.1?

Thank you

@xryptokey @italodefreitas ,

My apologies for the late reply. It took some more time to give a decent answer.

I’m restructuring the course. Instead of mapping it to the blueprint, I’m rebuilding it so it has all topics in the best order to study. For example:

  • L2 first: VLANs, STP, etc.
  • L3: IPv4, IPv6
  • L3 IGPs: OSPF and EIGRP
  • Etc.

Some of the blueprint items are all over the place, and they moved quite some stuff around between v1.0 and v1.1.

Many like studying from the blueprint though, so I started mapping all blueprint items to lessons in Airtable. Here is an explanation:

This will be convenient because you can filter/order everything the way you want.

There are some topics that I’m missing that are easy to add, but one big topic I currently don’t have is SD-Access. To be honest, I have to take a good look to figure out whether I’m going to add it.

It’s always a challenge to figure out what content to create (first). Cisco pushed SD-Access into the certifications and it seems like a move to improve its usage/popularity. It’s a product, so it’s possible it’s killed off in X years. I prefer to stick to material that is more about protocols and supported by multiple vendors.

We’ll see. I’ll update this reply when I’m 100% done mapping all topics to the blueprint.


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Hello Rene,

I will start by appreciating you for making it possible for me to study ccnp. If not for your short and brief lesson, i wont be able to study those bulky voluminous network books out there. Please i have a question. Is your lessons for ccnp and ccie enough to take and pass ccnp and ccie certification exams?

Hello Usman

The courses on NetworkLessons are designed to cover, as close as possible, the topics described in the Cisco certification exam blueprint for each certification level. Doing the lessons in the CCNP courses and the CCIE course will give you a very high percentage of the coverage of the topics in the exams. We can never be 100% sure because of the disclaimer that Cisco usually includes in their blueprints. However, if you have a good understanding of the material covered on this site, you will be very well prepared for the exams.

Take a look at some of the experiences of others that took such exams. Here is a post from one such user that may be helpful:

I hope this has been helpful!