VXLAN Flood and Learn with Multicast

Hello Aaron

Yes that is correct. If you replace H1 and H2 with two switches, as you have done in your diagram, then those switches will simply need to be configured with access ports on VLAN 1010. No change in the config of VTEP1 and VTEP2 is necessary. From the moment the encapsulation untagged command is used on Gi2 of both VTEP1 and VTEP2, these ports can connect to hosts or to access ports of switches.

Yes, it is possible to make Gi2 on the VTEP devices function as a trunk. This is achieved using the encapsulation dot1q command in which you specify the VLAN(s) that will be tagged. For example:

encapsulation dot1q vlan 5-10,12

The above command specifies that VLANs 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 are allowed on this port. Any switch connected to such a port should be configured as a trunk port with the same allowed VLANs. This is similar in concept to the router on a stick configuration.

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How vxlan achieves 16 million when we have 1:1 mapping with vni to vlan ?
I have succeeded in mapping VLANs to vnis,
but I would like to know how can I use different vnis on access ports.


vlan 1000
vn-segment 5000
int e1/6
switchport access vlan 1000

Hello YongHun

Take a look at this post which should answer your question:

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