Routing & Switching

Switching Any general switching topics/protocols can be discussed here.
EIGRP EIGRP is Cisco’s distance vector routing protocol on steroids. We can discuss it here.
Security Any general security questions that are not about the ASA can be discussed here.
IP Routing Any general routing questions that are not about a specific routing protocol can be discussed here.
Spanning Tree Spanning-Tree helps us to create a redundant, loop-free topology. Any STP related questions can be discussed here.
Multicast Sending traffic from one source to a group of receivers is what multicast is all about. Any questions? We can discuss them here.
Network Services Network services are those protocols/topics that don’t belong somewhere else…think about DHCP, NAT, VRRP/HSRP/GLBP and more.
RIP RIP (Routing Information Protocol) is an old distance vector routing protocol. It’s a great protocol though to become familiar with routing protocols. Any questions? You can discuss them here.
Frame Relay Frame-relay is an old WAN technology that uses PVCs and DLCIs. Any frame-relay related discussions can be done in this category.
Quality of Service Quality of Service (QoS) is about picking the winners (or losers). It allows us to give certain preference to traffic, rate-limit it and more. Any QoS related questions can be discussed here.
IPv6 IPv6 offers plenty of addresses for the future. In this topic, we can discuss the differences with IPv4 and more.
OSPF OSPF is a link-state routing protocol that uses LSAs (Link State Advertisements) and the LSDB (Link State Database) to exchange routing information and to build a topology. Any OSPF related questions can be discussed here.
MPLS MPLS uses labels for forwarding instead of routing lookups. In this category, we can discuss MPLS, VPNs, labels and more.
Network Management Got questions about network management protocols like SNMP, SSH or telnet? We can discuss them here.
BGP BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) is the routing protocol that we use on the Internet. We also use MP-BGP in MPLS VPN. Any BGP related questions can be discussed here.

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